141cc Cylinder Helm Wheel Cable Rotary Steering System 300Hp

Place of Origin China
Brand Name OEM
Certification CE ISO
Model Number HO-300
Minimum Order Quantity 5 set
Price 530 usd/set
Packaging Details Standard exporting package
Delivery Time 5 to 8 days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Supply Ability 1000 set per week
Product Details
Part Cylinder, Pump, Tube Product Name 300 Rotary Steering System
Maximum Power 300HP Maximum Quality 100% Professional Test
Cable 5 M Material Stainless Steel
Durable Sea Weight 13kg
Packing Box
High Light

141cc Rotary Steering System


300Hp Rotary Steering System

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Product Description

hydraulic Outboard steering system 300 hp cylinder helm wheel cable

141cc Cylinder Helm Wheel Cable Rotary Steering System 300Hp 0

The steering system in accordance with the (Rules for classification of ships) on the steering gear in the requirements for the design, the use of open-type valve hydraulic system and swing cylinder piston to push the rudder mechanism, with avariety of valve type (such as HD-S type) or autopilot servo steering instrument to match the ship's steering control system components, and undertake the task of changing and maintaining the course of the ship.


This kind can be divided into 3 types:

MHS90----can be used for 90hp outboard engine

MHS150--can be used for 90-150hp outboard engine

MHS300--can be used for 150-300hp outboard engine


The standard of form a complete set: 8m hydraulic pipe, fuel cylinder, fuel pump and connecting accessories. Steering wheel optional (random)




Quality warranty: 12 months


The steering gear is characterized by: pushing the rudder mechanism adopts swing cylinder piston, simple compact structure, light weight, easy installation process, valve assembly, integration and a high degree of hydraulic components are domestic famous brand, reliable quality, replacement convenient, hydraulic system uses the open system, the hydraulic system simplified.

In addition, the possible failure of the site, located a sound and light alarm devices, thereby improving steering vitality.

The cylinder is equipped with a built-in two-way locking valve which eliminates rebound torque during torsion.



141cc Cylinder Helm Wheel Cable Rotary Steering System 300Hp 1

Note:Hydraulic oil not included. Please buy it from your local store. The type is 10#/15# ashless anti-wear hydraulic oil. Gear oil is not allowed, it will damage our hydraulic steering system.



Super low-friction helm for smooth comfortable steering

Balanced cylinder, featuring a compact design that fits most splashwells

5.3 turns lock-to-lock

Comes complete with everything needed for an install




Helm Pump


Tubing Kit




No. of PISTONS: 7



TUBE I.D mm: 35

ROD I.D mm: 18


STROKE mm: 214

VOLUME cc: 141



Hydraulic Steering gear system(90HP/150HP/300HP)
* Compact design
* Front Mounting
* Ball bearing piston race, 7 pistions
* In built lock valve (70bar) for positive rudder lock
* 3/4'' tapered stainless steel shaft for strength and durability
* Cast iron cylinder rotor for greater durability and longer life
* 1/4'' NPT fitting for 3/8'' tube
* Wheel size within 500mm is available for this model



Cylinder Specification
* Volume: 137cc / 8.4cu.in
* Output force: 470kg / 1036lbs
* Inside diameter: 35mm / 1-3/8''
* Bore shaft length: 550mm / 21.6''
* Stroke: 204mm / 8''
* 3/8''(9.5mm) Fittings for highpressure Flex nylon hose








 141cc Cylinder Helm Wheel Cable Rotary Steering System 300Hp 2

The rudder mechanism is a mechanism that converts the hydraulic energy produced by the oil pump into mechanical energy,It is composed of an oil cylinder, a piston, a base, Px type shaft sealing ring, O ring, ring etc.

Oil cylinder is a pressure vessel with thick wall seamless steel pipe welding, it is also an important component of thrust to the hull.

Pistons are made from forged steel cylindrical parts, which fit with the cylinder to form the pressure vessel work together to complete the conversion of energy, it directly through the thrust generated by the hydraulic piston pin slider passed rudder tiller, the rudder blade rotation.

The piston and the cylinder are sealed by three Px type shaft sealing ring, O ring and dust ring.Seal assembly loose or tight can be adjusted by end cap screw.

On the top of the cylinder is also provided with a double stop valve, under normal circumstances, the double stop valve should be fully open, if necessary, just turn off the part or all of them(for example: in the normal navigation, without the need to dismantle the inspection of a pump motor group, the other pump group continue to use to ensure the independence of the two pump turbine).

In addition to the steering gear is equipped with an electrical limit device, there is a mechanical limit device, that is, by the end of the piston to go to the limit, the bottom of the cylinder can be achieved mechanical limit, the rudder angle is ±36.5 degrees.

141cc Cylinder Helm Wheel Cable Rotary Steering System 300Hp 3


Item No. SF80722-90 SF80722-150 SF80722-300
Pumps NR90 NR150 NR300
Capacity CM3 16 18 27
N° of pistons 5 7 7
Max Pression Bars 68 68 68
Turns of wheel 4.3 6.3 5.3
Cylindars MR90 MR150 MR300
Tube I.D (mm) 25 32 35
Rod I.D (mm) 14 15.8 18
Output force/kgf 232 400 470
Stroke (mm) 200 198 214
Volume (cc) 73 118 141
Application up to 90HP up to 150HP up to 300HP

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